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The College Athletic Director and President: Making It Work
Witt/Kieffer's Gregory Santore interviews the president of the University of Kentucky and AD at UMBC about how these two top positions on campus can get along.
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Inside the Presidential Search
Witt/Kieffer's Dennis Barden shares in-depth insight into what today's colleges and universities are looking for in presidents, and how they find the right candidates for their needs.
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Women and College Sports Leadership: Inroads and Issues
More women are leading athletic programs, but continued progress is not guaranteed, say Chris Plonsky, Patti Phillips, and Witt/Kieffer's Greg Santore.
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Success Strategies for Women Leaders in Healthcare
Jena Abernathy speaks on the topic of women climbing the healthcare ladder at a gathering of the Women’s Leadership Alliance of Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta.
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