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Resources for Military Veterans Seeking Healthcare Leadership Roles
Valuable resources for military veterans who are seeking executive positions in the civilian healthcare industry.
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Gender and Career Advancement in Healthcare
Female and male executives in healthcare may perceive and pursue career advancement and success differently.
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Survey Report: What Motivates Executives to Live and Work Internationally
An extensive new report explores the motivations for executives to live and work abroad, and recruiting issues that organizations must consider as they seek top global talent.
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CNIO 2.0: What’s Next for Nursing IT Leaders
The following report provides results of a recent survey of CNIOs and their peers, as well as a detailed view of the expanding requirements and experiences that healthcare organizations should consider when recruiting nursing IT leaders.
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Succession Planning for Senior Living CEOs
A wave of CEO retirements is coming. Who will lead CCRCs and other senior care organizations in the future? This Witt/Kieffer report, based on a survey of industry leaders, provides insight and ideas around planning for executive succession.
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Selecting the Right CEO
How hospitals, health systems and related organizations can best prepare for, and follow through on, recruiting a new CEO.
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Answering the Call: Veterans as Civilian Healthcare Leaders
This Witt/Kieffer survey report explores the challenges that military medical officers and physicians face in transitioning into civilian healthcare leadership roles, and considers why they may be overlooked as viable candidates during executive recruitments.
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Report: Predicting Physician Executive Performance
What distinguishes exceptional physician leaders from others? A new research report from Witt/Kieffer and Hogan Assessment System explores this question.
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Closing the Gap in Healthcare Leadership Diversity: A Witt/Kieffer Study
Has leadership diversity improved in healthcare? Yes, but results of Witt/Kieffer's fourth major survey on leadership diversity suggest very mixed opinions and more work to be done.
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2014-2015 Severance Survey for Presidents of Non-Profit Colleges and Universities
Mercer and Witt/Kieffer are pleased to present the results of the 2014/2015 Severance Survey for Presidents of Non-Profit Colleges and Universities. The report summarizes severance benefit practices for Presidents of 63 colleges and universities across the United States.
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