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Executive Succession and Transition in Healthcare
This Witt/Kieffer guide aims to educate and support healthcare leaders in their pursuit of less tumultuous turnover and greater anticipation of future leadership needs. Successful executive transitioning is essential to the stability and long-term viability of healthcare organizations.
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Best Practices in Higher Education Presidential Search (Second Edition)
Recommendations for recruiting an exceptional college or university president in a challenging new era.
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Developing the Next Generation of Chief Diversity Officers in Higher Education
The role of the chief diversity officer is growing in stature across higher education. CDOs now claim a seat at the table for key decision-making at most institutions, and many successful diversity executives are hired into presidential and other prominent positions.
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Recruiting and Developing Physician and Nurse Executives
In this compilation of articles, Witt/Kieffer experts write about a new category of professionals emerging at our nation's hospitals and provider groups: physician and nurse executives.
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Success Factors in Healthcare Talent Management
In the face of monumental change within healthcare, human resources professionals are under increasing pressure to ensure a steady flow of leadership talent within their organizations.
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Smart Investing in Executive Talent Management
A perfect storm is on the horizon for human resources executives. A shrinking economy, the impending retirement of baby boomer-generation leaders, and inadequate numbers of future leaders prepared to take those retirees’ places are all combining to create a real healthcare leadership crisis.
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