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What to Look for in a Nonprofit Leader Today
Today's nonprofit organizations cannot afford to run solely on passion for mission alone. John Fazekas shares essential skills and competencies for today's top nonprofit executives.
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In Healthcare, Interim Executives Fill a Strategic Leadership Need
Witt/Kieffer's Brian Krehbiel and Andrew Chastain discuss changing perceptions towards interim leadership in healthcare, and the competitive advantage that organizations gain in using interim executives as part of a proactive executive talent strategy.
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Insights on Today's Higher Education CHRO
The CHRO in higher education has become much more strategic, John Thornburgh tells eCampusNews.
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Serving, Learning, and Leading: Lessons from Three Health Plan Foundation Presidents
The three major not-for-profit health plan foundations in Massachusetts are led by dynamic women: Nora Moreno Cargie, Karen Voci, and Audrey Shelto. The three are profiled by Witt/Kieffer's Julie Rosen.
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Taking Care of Physicians Before They Burn Out
What drives physicians can derail them, notes Witt/Kieffer's Carl Fitch, who shares suggestions for leaders of healthcare organizations to diagnose the issue of physician burnout and prescribe solutions.
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In a First-Round Interview for a Leadership Post, Make Sure You Show the Love
If a candidate fails to convince a search committee that they genuinely want the job, they won't advance in the process, writes Zachary Smith.
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What CEOs Should Know About the Art and Science of Inspiration
In this article for Chief Executive magazine, Witt/Kieffer CEO Andrew Chastain takes inspiration from da Vinci and shares insight into how leaders can find inspiration in those around them.
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Marketing You: The Initial Interview with a Search Consultant
Witt/Kieffer's Wendy Brower shares best practices for executives to master the initial conversation to kick off the executive search process.
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Will the Chief Digital Officer Role Be Key to Healthcare’s Future?
Healthcare Informatics' Heather Landi speaks with Witt/Kieffer's Hillary Ross about the growing importance of the CDO role in healthcare.
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The Fading Line in the Sand: Insights from Non-Profit and For-Profit Healthcare Leaders
Executives who have moved effectively between the non-profit and for-profit healthcare sectors share experiences and offer career advice.
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