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Why a Healthcare CEO May Need a Chief of Staff
How can healthcare CEOs manage their agendas? One way is to hire a chief of staff, note Witt/Kieffer's Andrew Chastain and WellStar's Andrew Cox.
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Student Affairs Officers as Makers of Meaning
Student affairs leaders are more pressured than ever, writes Sheila Murphy. As such they have a unique opportunity to find deeper meaning in their careers.
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In an Ever-Intensifying Threat Environment, Healthcare CISOs Become Part of the Bigger Picture
Healthcare Chief Information Security Officers are becoming more essential for hospitals and health systems to establish "cultures of security." Witt/Kieffer's Nick Giannas shares thoughts with Healthcare Informatics.
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Reggie Pearson: A Veteran with Vision
Reggie Pearson, VP of Operations at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, has learned that the vision and skills of one person will not translate to success without the collective energy and skill of teams.
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Enrollment Leadership: Committed to Diversity
Witt/Kieffer's Jennifer Desjarlais and other experts share thoughts with the Journal of College Admission regarding the role of enrollment leaders in diversity and inclusion initiatives.
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Surviving Healthcare CIO Career Minefields
How CIOs can avoid, or recover from, some of most dangerous technology minefields – for their organizations but also for their careers.
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As Cybersecurity Concerns Grow, So Does Demand for Healthcare CISOs
As the Academic World Turns, Leadership Evolves
Robin Mamlet explores trends that are influencing how colleges and universities operate and what these instiutions look for in leaders.
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Recruiter's View: Physician Leaders Must Think Hard About Soft Skills
Linda Komnick writes about five steps that physicians can take towards developing leadership skills.
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How to Work With an Executive Search Consultant
Tips for leadership candidates on how best to seek counsel of an executive recruiter during a job search.
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