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Transitioning a Search to a Search Firm
Melissa Fincher addresses questions that arise when an institution looks to solicit help from a search firm in the middle of the recruiting process.
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What Can Colleges Learn from Chief Enrollment Officers?
Chief enrollment officer is "a profession in which the expectations are continuing to increase, and the pressures are especially high," says Amy Crutchfield.
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The Four Qualities of "Next Level" Healthcare CFOs
What separates great CFOs from the rest? Witt/Kieffer's John McFarland explains.
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Matthew Might: Opportunity-Driven Leadership
As the inaugural director of the Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute, Matthew Might has vision but also looks to seize opportunities when they arise.
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Leaving the Ladder: Rethinking the Healthcare Executive Career Path
For many executives, the rapid increase of matrixed mega-systems has upended the traditional path of career advancement. Moving slowly but steadily up the ladder has gone out of fashion, write Rachel Polhemus and Jason Petros.
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The Chief Digital Officer: Determining the Need, Defining the Role
The Chief Digital Officer is grounded in the awareness that patients are consumers and want to have choices in their healthcare, writes Hillary Ross.
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How to Spot Cultural Fit in Nonprofit Leadership Candidates
Andrew Trechsel provides guidelines for not-for-profit organizations and search committees to follow as they recruit top executives and strive to assess cultural fit.
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Take Charge of Executive Burnout to Protect Your Organization
Executive burnout is becoming a critical issue for healthcare organizations to deal with, say Adriane Willig and other experts.
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The Elusive (and Expanding) Role of the Provost
Concetta Stewart explores the challenges that institutions are facing as they seek to define the role of provost, and then to recruit individuals who can succeed in the position.
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Planning Is Everything: How to Prep for a CIO Interview
Witt/Kieffer's Zachary Durst shares interviewing tips for today's healthcare CIO candidates.
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