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5 Common Questions About Health System Chief Digital Officers, Answered
Witt/Kieffer's Hillary Ross and other experts share insights on the emerging CDO role in healthcare.
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Closing the Gap Between the CFO and the "Next in Line"
Michael Raddatz shares suggestions for how healthcare finance leaders can prepare to take the large step up to the CFO role.
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Recruiting Diverse Leaders: Best Practices for Academic Medical Centers
Jeff Schroetlin and Joyce De Leo share best practices that search committees in academic medicine can rely upon to improve their recruiting of diverse leaders.
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A Collaborative Approach to Higher Ed Executive Search
Melissa Fincher explores how HR leaders and search firms can partner in executive recruiting in higher education.
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Interview Tips for Executives: So, Why Are We Talking Today?
Key components that successful leadership candidates employ during the course of high-level interviews.
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With Medical Groups Employing More Physicians, a Leader with the Right Skill Set is Paramount
In recruiting CEOs, medical groups must clearly understand the charge of their next leader, says Jason Petros.
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From Tactician to Strategist: The Evolving Role of the CNIO
There is a clear need for a strategic Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO) who can support the interdisciplinary informatics team at today's health systems, write Tammy Jackson and Hillary Ross.
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Innovation Leadership in Drug Development
A sea change in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries is leading established players to recruit a new type of drug-development leader, writes Witt/Kieffer's Jennifer Chase.
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Replacing an Iconic Nonprofit Leader
In this article for the GuideStar Blog, Witt/Kieffer's John Fazekas looks at the steps nonprofits can take to recruit a new leader as a long-term CEO or executive director steps down.
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Transitioning a Search to a Search Firm
Melissa Fincher addresses questions that arise when an institution looks to solicit help from a search firm in the middle of the recruiting process.
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