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Answer to CEO’s Sleepless Nights: CISO
Malissa O'Rourke Miot and Hillary Ross share insights on why chief information security officers are essential in healthcare today, and what skills they must have to support their CEOs.
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Do We Need a Student on the Search Committee?
In presidential and other searches, students deserve the opportunity to "describe their portion of the elephant," argues Dennis Barden.
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For Physician Executive Posts, What's in a Name?
Linda Komnick, Steve Kratz and other experts weigh in on the definitions of current titles for physician leaders.
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David Harlan, MD: Leaders Earn Their Stripes Every Day
In this interview, Dr. David Harlan shares insights into how the military helped to shape his ideas and practices around leadership.
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Karla Hughes: A Story of Preparedness, Perseverance, and Passion
"No one expected or encouraged me to go to college." Dr. Karla Young shares insights into her career arc and philosophy of leadership in higher education.
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Wrong Answer: How Leaders Can Respond to Difficult Subjects
When confronted with extremely difficult questions, be thorough, honest, and realistic, writes Sheila Murphy.
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6 Qualities to Look for in a College President
Today's college presidents must have soft skills (but not too soft), a hunger for data, and agility, write Robin Mamlet and Sheila Murphy.
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Searching Without a Search Firm
Lucy Leske advises colleges and universities about the occasional situations in which they might wish to handle their own leadership recruitments.
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How to Make Your Organization More Diverse in 9 Steps
Paul Bohne shares insights with H&HN about how leaders can foster diversity in the top ranks and throughout their organizations.
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Emerging (and Sustainable) Healthcare Leadership Roles
As health systems consolidate and grow, new executive roles are cropping up. Here are some that have staying power, courtesy of Witt/Kieffer's Paul Bohne.
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