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Hiring First-Time Head Coaches in College Athletics
Witt/Kieffer's Katy Young interviews athletic directors from SMU and VCU about strategies for hiring college coaches without prior head coaching experience.
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The Best Search Committees
By nature, they are imperfect and varied, but successful ones share some common traits. Zach Smith explains in this article.
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Gender in the Job Interview
No, this is not an argument for women to act more like men in the hiring process. Robin Mamlet discusses gender's impact on the leadership ranks in higher education.
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How Search Committees Can See Bias in Themselves
Most hiring panels are designed to represent a diverse mix of people, yet they still bring with them hidden motives, Lucy Leske explains.
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Introverts and Interviews
Amy Crutchfield offers advice on making it through a hiring process that tends to reward extroverts.
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Off the Team and Out of a Job
When a new president comes to campus, good administrators can find themselves left off the leadership team. Lucy Leske offers advice for career next steps.
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From Healthcare CFO to CEO
Today's healthcare CFO's have many of the skills and competencies required of CEOs. In this interview, executive Bill Masterton of University Medical Center New Orleans talks about making the transition between the two roles.
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Is Your Interview Process Damaging Your Talent Brand?
In Training Magazine, WK Advisors’ Melinda Lee Morton and co-author instruct hiring organizations on how they can brand themselves as key job candidates come through the door.
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Recruiting Rural Executives
Beth Nelson and Jim King share insights into how rural healthcare boards of directors can think strategically about recruiting CEOs and other top executives.
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The Ripple Effect of Healthcare Consolidation
In a Q&A with Kate Gamble of HealthSystemCIO, Witt/Kieffer's Donna Padilla and Paul Bohne share insight into what the wave of consolidation in healthcare means to the C-suite and leadership roles.
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