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Academic Medicine Leadership Trends and Challenges

The competitive academic medicine landscape requires superior leadership skills with an ability to adapt to changes and unprecedented challenges. Witt/Kieffer academic medicine search experts discuss the qualities needed to be a successful leader in today’s medical schools, academic medical centers, university hospitals, academic health systems and faculty practice plans.

Advancing Diversity in Healthcare: A National Study

An inclusive environment that embraces diversity – starting at the top – is critical to business success. Witt/Kieffer consultants present results of a recent study of where diversity leadership in hospitals and systems stands today and best practices to move into the future.

Best Practices in Identifying and Developing High Potential Talent

As half of all executive leadership is expected to retire over the next five years, identifying high potential talent has never been more important than it is in today’s healthcare organizations. Best practices for identifying and developing high potential healthcare leaders will be presented in this session.

Chief Diversity Officers in Higher Education

The Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) role in higher education is being elevated to the senior level, according to a recent Witt/Kieffer survey of CDOs in colleges and universities. However, the impact of a high turnover rate may have implications in the years to come for CDOs. Witt/Kieffer consultants present the survey results and discuss the necessary experiences and skills now required of these unique leaders.

Closing the Leadership Gap

Hospital and health system boards need visionary leaders who know how to innovate and develop new models of care despite narrowing margins and stringent performance incentives. Witt/Kieffer consultants outline the steps to developing an effective succession plan that when done effectively, develops and attracts inspiring leaders, and honors departing CEOs for their work.

Critical Stages in Your Career: How to Make the Most of Them

Careers break into well-defined stages including “building block” years, “dash for glory” years, “coming to terms” years and “stretch” years. Each has its own issues and demands, and it’s critical to understand and manage these stages. Otherwise, an accidental course could leave you feeling trapped by a job that doesn’t fit.

Develop the Next Generation of Enrollment Leaders

Experienced and talented chief enrollment officers can be essential partners in helping institutions face the mounting challenges of staying mission-focused and financially viable in unprecedented economic times. However, an aging cohort of enrollment officers with substantive experience in the field — combined with limited leadership development and succession planning in uncertain times — can lead to a fragile state for college and university presidents who depend on enrollment success for institutional success.

Developing Highly Effective Boards

Successful healthcare boards need a process for identifying qualified and committed members to succeed the board’s departing members, as well as preparing existing board members for leadership positions. Witt/Kieffer senior leaders lead a discussion on best practices in succession planning and leadership development for hospital and health system boards.

Healthcare Leadership: Emerging Roles and Transition Strategies

Economic conditions and healthcare reform are impacting the nation’s healthcare leaders like never before. This session outlines how leadership roles are evolving and emerging – and transition strategies to embrace the changing roles.

Navigating a Successful Career in Healthcare IT

Healthcare providers seek talented IT leaders to meet their growing workforce needs in IT strategy, clinical implementation and transformation, emerging technologies and data optimization. CIOs, CMIOs, CNIOs, CTOs, Associate CIOs and Clinical Informatics leaders are in great demand. Witt/Kieffer Health IT consultants can provide practical suggestions and advice for success in a career in healthcare IT or informatics leadership.

Presidential Succession Planning in Higher Education

The academic presidency is one of the most complicated and unpredictable of top executive positions. Witt/Kieffer higher education consultants discuss the importance of the board’s role in fostering the well-being of a new president.

Recruiting Exceptional Leadership: Focus on Healthcare Executive Leadership Competencies

Leading authorities on core competencies essential to successful healthcare executives share their insights into identifying and recruiting the best industry leaders.

Smart Investing in Executive Talent Management

The “5/50” crisis – the prospect of losing 50 percent of all executive leadership to retirement over the next five years – is the best reason to invest in executive talent management today. This session presents best practices from a study of leading healthcare systems.

The Changing Profile of the Hospital CEO

An impending shortage of healthcare leadership and talent is causing the profile of the “typical” CEO to change. Organizations may now find the best leaders in non-traditional careers and industries. Witt/Kieffer consultants discuss the skills and experiences needed to be a successful healthcare CEO in the wake of volatile economic conditions and uncertain effects of reform.

The Changing Role of Medical Directors

The responsibilities of medical directors have expanded to include a more strategic and external focus. The most successful of these leaders combine clinical expertise and credibility with hands-on management experience. Steve Kratz, Witt/Kieffer Managed Care Practice Leader, provides a look at the new skills and experience required of medical directors.

Transformation of Physician Executives: A National Study

Health care reform is driving organizations to move toward ACO designation and physician leaders will play an increasingly important role in transforming delivery of care. Witt/Kieffer consultants present on the evolving role of the senior physician executive and its impact on physician alignment/integration, clinical and financial performance and leadership development.

Why Boards Must Match CEO Competencies With Strategic Priorities

In the event of an impending CEO transition, aligning organizational goals with leadership competencies is essential. This presentation highlights the need for governing boards to clearly understand the strategic demands it faces and determine whether a new leader has what it takes to move the organization forward.

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