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The Inequality Equalizer: Want It, Claim It, Own It - and Maximize Your Career Success

In The Inequality Equalizer, career coach and executive search consultant Jena Abernathy shares real-world success strategies for young professionals in a no-nonsense guide that will help them balance their “junkyard dogs” and “pedigrees,” strategize their careers, and gain the confidence, skills, and know-how they need to get results, make winning impressions, and build long-lasting success on their way to the C-suite. Packed with real-world anecdotes and case studies, The Inequality Equalizer illustrates how everyday experiences can propel – or thwart – the career objectives of young women entering the cutthroat world of business.

The book will discuss:
*Creating a strong brand for yourself that defines who you are, what you want, and what you want to be known for
*Making the most of the opportunities and risks that come to anyone climbing the corporate ladder
*Strategizing your career – want it, claim it, own it
*Understanding corporate culture and business etiquette


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