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Succession Management

Planning for the future is second nature to most executives and their organizations, and yet planning for leadership transition and building a pipeline for future C-suite talent often get overlooked. Succession Management is absolutely critical if organizations are to retain their competitive edge over the long haul and ensure that executive turnover does not derail growth and progress.

Witt/Kieffer’s Leadership Solutions practice works with leadership teams to identify up-and-coming executives and groom them for greater responsibilities. Clients use our succession management services to:

  • Identify competencies, skills and success factors for key leadership positions
  • Assess “bench strength” across various departments and functions
  • Design and implement career development strategies for high-potential leaders
  • Monitor and evaluate succession management initiatives

Succession Management builds awareness of leadership strength and potential throughout the organization and how long-term leadership needs can be addressed. Succession Management helps you get to better.

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