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Team Development

High-functioning leaders, when grouped together, may not always equate to a high-functioning team. Through executive team development practices, successful individuals can develop an awareness and appreciation for their own talents, those of others, and the unique dynamics that can result when teams of differing leaders are assembled together under one organizational roof. Witt/Kieffer’s Team Development solutions help teams get to better.

Leadership Team Assessment

These solutions are based upon the Witt/Kieffer Executive Team Assessment, a report that provides customized data outlining a team’s strengths and weaknesses, recommendations for leveraging strengths and overcoming potential dysfunctions. The report provides the core contents for our Team Development Workshop.


This workshop:

  • Provides participants with a better understanding of their style preferences and challenges under stress to make for more effective interactions with the team
  • Helps leaders know what to expect from each other as they work together
  • Analyzes the team’s competencies in the context of organizational challenges and uncovers strengths, gaps, and unique team dynamics
  • Helps the team to understand the leadership environment experienced by direct reports

Included in the team assessment are individual assessments for team members and a 90-minute feedback session for each to discuss individual results. Witt/Kieffer’s Team Development helps groups of leaders get to better, together.


Contact our certified assessment specialists and executive coaches to learn more about team development.


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