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What it Takes to Find Great Leadership

Your Witt/Kieffer search team customizes each search to fit your needs. We find and validate the best match for your organization.

We listen and learn in interviews with board members, senior management, physician leaders and others to understand what makes the ideal candidate. 

We present findings in person to cement the partnership essential to a successful search. We recommend strategies to overcome barriers to success. 

We prepare detailed position specifications – responsibilities, competencies, first year goals, leadership style and fit – as the foundation for the search.

Our research analysts target sources inside and outside your market based on vision, values, revenue, etc. We tap colleagues nationwide and from our best-in-class database.

We conduct in-depth interviews to assess potential for success and serious interest in the position. We treat internal candidates with particular sensitivity and tact.

We deeply probe professional and/or personal references on and off the candidates’ list.  We scrutinize and verify credentials and check public sources of information.
We present the most qualified candidates and conduct additional references once you decide whom to interview.

We advise during on-site candidate interviews and assist in selecting finalists. Once you decide to extend an offer, we advise on compensation terms as needed.

We stay in close contact with you and the new leader for at least one year — typically many more — to ensure a smooth transition and successful long-term match.

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