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Expedited mid-level recruitment

The WK Advisors mid-level search process shares some similarities with traditional executive search for C-suite and vice president positions. Those include an on-site start-up meeting, development of detailed position specifications, in-depth candidate references, education/employment verification, etc.

At the same time, the mid-level search model is streamlined through broader, more aggressive use of email and social media; expedited candidate phone interviews and videoconference meetings, where appropriate. Our goal is to match organization needs as rapidly as possible with talent currently available in the labor marketplace.

The same high quality standards and guarantee 

WK Advisors searches are held to the highest quality standards, as measured by client satisfaction reports about our work.  Like our Witt/Kieffer colleagues, we also guarantee our placements for one year.  If the placement leaves before that time, we will conduct a search for a replacement at no charge to our client (excluding expenses).

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