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An Experienced Approach to Presidential Search

Few chief executive positions rival an academic presidency in complexity, unpredictability and accountability. College and university presidents manage multimillion-dollar budgets, develop difference-making leadership teams, and strive to distinguish their institutions in fiercely competitive markets. Round-the-clock challenges from key constituents – including students, faculty, alumni, trustees, donors and the public – require a rare mix of stamina, intelligence and leadership skills.

Our university president search team includes our most senior and expert consultants, including former college and university presidents and senior administrators. They have recruited presidents for colleges and universities large and small, public and private.

As stewards of the recruiting process, we take great care to understand the unique leadership needs of our client institutions, and are sensitive to and respectful of the expectations of search committees and candidates. We rely on original research, in-depth interviews and extensive reference checks to ensure that our clients select presidents with integrity, cultural fit, and clear visions for the future. 

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