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Recruiting Higher Education Leaders with Global Vision

As colleges and universities expand internationally, they require exceptional leaders. These individuals must possess strong cultural competency, champion a unified vision among disparate constituents, and recruit dynamic colleagues and staff for global programs and campuses within a very competitive talent market. They must desire to make a difference on an international scale.
Witt/Kieffer consultants work with higher education institutions in the U.S. and across the globe to address their specific leadership needs and challenges. These include:

  • Expanding international programs, study abroad opportunities, and service learning programs to advance the institution’s mission
  • Founding new campuses and operating entities in foreign countries
  • Initiating global academic research programs and business alliances
  • Enhancing global brand recognition and visibility among foreign students, faculty, and researchers to meet the institution’s long-term strategic goals

In identifying exceptional candidates, our consultants draw upon global networks of contacts and are supported by a professional research team and extensive database of education leaders. We recruit individuals with an affinity for our clients’ mission and international vision for the future. We address with these candidates considerations far less prominent in U.S. searches – language barriers, spousal employment, schools for children, distance from family, and, in some countries, safety and security.
To discuss your international leadership recruiting in higher education, please contact one of our team members.

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