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Recruiting Enrollment Leaders Who Inspire

In the current higher education landscape enrollment management is critical to the mission, financial viability, and reputation of colleges and universities. For national research universities, liberal arts colleges, and regional master’s universities, enrollment officers are key institutional leaders, and in terms of external visibility and public perception, heads of enrollment are often second only to the president. Today’s successful enrollment leaders must possess a sophisticated skill set that is more complex and analytically rigorous than what was required in the past. Essential areas of expertise include data analysis, research and planning, financial aid leveraging, and enrollment-related marketing and communications.

Metrics that Matter

Witt/Kieffer conducts more enrollment officer searches than any other firm, and we understand firsthand how presidents, provosts, deans, and chief financial officers all view enrollment and what they need from their enrollment leaders. Our enrollment search clients benefit from the combined knowledge and expertise of an enrollment practice of 11 consultants. We bring the content expertise, personalization, and depth in the field combined with the infrastructure, professionalism, resources, and breadth available only in the top search firms. Each search process is unique, and we seek to understand our clients’ aspirations, achievements, and challenges in order to recruit the best fit candidates. We customize our approach to fit each client’s specific needs and culture, and we offer exceptional responsiveness and dedication to our clients. We are distinguished by:

  •     A proven, team-oriented search process
  •     Experienced consultants with an unparalleled network of professional contacts
  •     Commitment to diversity and identifying the next generation of enrollment leaders
  •     An unmatched ability to conduct nimble, targeted, and superbly executed searches

We have supported the recruitment of a generation of inspirational, influential enrollment officers, individuals who inspire colleagues and provide their institutions with distinct strategic advantage. We look forward to helping cultivate the next generation of leaders as well.  

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Amy Crutchfield is a principal and leader of Witt/Kieffer’s Enrollment Management practice. With over 10 years of experience in executive search and a focus on enrollment search, she has a great depth of understanding of the field and recognizes the critical need for strong enrollment leadership in the current higher education landscape. Amy has developed a robust network of potential candidates and is known to both seasoned and emerging enrollment leaders nationally. Read more.



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