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Recruiting Innovative Health Insurance and Managed Care Leaders

Health insurers and managed care organizations are facing unprecedented shifting market forces. As their core business compresses,they fiercely compete for members. At the same time, industry consolidation has created opportunities for new, emerging companies eager to meet consumer expectations of more choice and flexibility. Succeeding in this competitive marketplace requires leaders who challenge conventional thinking.

Our expert team identifies innovative leaders for a variety of organizations: health plans and insurance companies; disease management and pharmacy benefits providers; government-sponsored health plans serving special needs, such as Medicare and Medicaid; hospitals and health systems; and other specialty and venture capital-backed companies.


Steve Kratz, senior partner, is the leader of the firm’s health insurance/managed care practice. Steve’s deep experience in managed care and insurance is matched by broad expertise across an array of healthcare delivery organizations, including hospitals, health systems and medical group practices. Based in Atlanta, he conducts a broad range of senior-level position searches on behalf of companies and organizations nationwide, including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs and medical directors.
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