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Great Leaders Advocate for Children

Children’s hospitals require CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and other leaders who carry all the responsibilties of other healthcare executives and yet also hold a sacred trust to improve healthcare for all children. Leaders of these specialized institutions face demographic, competitive and financial challenges unique to their mission and the times. Among their greatest challenges are treating chronic childhood conditions despite routine under-reimbursement; training the nation’s future pediatricians, and keeping children and family issues front-and-center in health reform.

In our experience, transformative children's hospital leaders are those who excel at, among other things:

  • strategic planning
  • fundraising
  • board, physician, and staff relations
  • community relations
  • finance
  • human resources

Witt/Kieffer brings an in-depth understanding of child health issues – and the distinct needs of these complex organizations – to the search for children’s hospital leaders. Our years of experience working closely with children’s hospital trustees and senior management teams have resulted in a deep appreciation for what these organizations require in exceptional leadership.


Jim King is a senior partner and chief quality officer for Witt/Kieffer. Jim has been with Witt/Kieffer since 2001 and brings over 20 years of healthcare leadership experience to the firm.
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