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Recruiting Association Leaders with Vision and Creativity

The performance of not-for-profit association leaders is measured by the value of mission-driven programs and the quality of services provided to members. At the same time, they face pressures similar to their for-profit counterparts to provide more to their constituents, frequently with fewer resources. Ensuring the organization's financial stability is critical. In addition, these leaders must be gifted and creative bridge builders, able to get members and member institutions to rally around common strategies and visions.

Witt/Kieffer's team dedicated to recruiting association leadership understands challenges facing these leaders. We have broad experience conducting searches for a variety of association types, including:

  • state and national hospital and healthcare associations
  • professional membership societies
  • voluntary/supply chain alliances
  • disease- and cause-specific associations
  • other member-based not-for-profits and foundations

We take an aggressive approach to sourcing candidates, exploring executives who are successfully serving comparable associations as well as governmental bodies, healthcare systems, universities and academic medical centers, consulting firms, and more. Our customized search process includes thorough exploration of an association's unique culture and diverse membership. We find leaders who are driven by a mission to serve and think proactively about what is best for their organizations.

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