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Interview Tips for Executive Candidates

Even seasoned executives need reminders and refreshers when they face a job interview. This Witt/Kieffer resource provides suggestions.

Introverts and Interviews

The interview process can often be oriented towards extroverts; this article provides tips for introverts to shine.

Not Dressing the Part and Other Interview Mistakes 

This article points out techniques that tend to backfire on candidates meeting with search committees. Two-page article originally appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

What a Candidate Ought to Know

How long will it take? What are the steps? What is the search consultant’s role? This candidate primer answers commonly asked questions that candidates have as they enter the search process. Six pages.

Does Your Resume Work as Hard as You Do?

Witt/Kieffer offers these resume suggestions when you're ready to review and update your resume. Two-page document.

Do You Really Want to Make a Job Change?

It is important to understand - and examine - the reasons one is seeking a career change. Two-page article.

Your Career Search: It All Depends on You

Many people have marketable assets and skills but do not go after the right organization and job titles.

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