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Strong governance is fundamental to Witt/Kieffer’s mission to serve organizations committed to improving the quality of life. The Witt/Kieffer Board of Directors addresses the strategy and structure of the organization, and supports the operational management of the company.

 Witt/Kieffer’s Board of Directors


Seated, left to right:
David Matheson, Senior Advisor, The Boston Consulting Group; Andrew P. Chastain, President & Chief Executive Officer; Elaina Spitaels Genser, Senior Partner

Standing, left to right:
Rachel Polhemus, Senior Partner; Zachary Smith, Ph.D., Senior Partner, Deputy Managing Partner, Education; Oliver B. Tomlin III, Senior Partner; Ed Grier, Dean, School of Business, Virginia Commonwealth University; Jim King, Chief Quality Officer and Senior Partner; Thomas Quinn, Senior Partner; Tom Richards, M.D., Executive Advisor, One BioMed Ltd.; Sally DelBeccaro, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Partner
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