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December 2011

Managed Care Evolving as Health Reform Unfolds
Managed care executives require new, strategic skills to operate in the challenging healthcare environment.

November 2011

Long-Term Career Planning Key for Top Performers
Witt/Kieffer President/CEO Chuck Wardell discusses how strategic thinking can advance executives in Wall Street Journal MarketWatch.

Brian Bloomfield Joins Witt/Kieffer
Bloomfield brings nearly 10 years of executive recruiting experience to firm’s higher education, academic medicine and healthcare search practices.

October 2011

Changing Higher Education Landscape Offers Global Opportunities
Two articles in a series explore the overseas career experience and offer helpful tips to navigate a path home.

Nominate a Trustee of the Year by December 16
Witt/Kieffer proudly joins Modern Healthcare in sponsoring the 2012 Trustee of the Year awards.

University of Colorado Hospital Named Highest-Performing Academic Hospital
Witt/Kieffer congratulates the University of Colorado Hospital on receiving UHC’s 2011 Quality Leadership Award.

September 2011

2011 Up & Comers Bring New Perspective
Modern Healthcare announces the 2011 class of Up & Comers.

Pre-Hire Assessments Becoming More Common
Witt/Kieffer President/CEO Chuck Wardell discusses how employers can use pre-hire assessments in Wall Street Journal MarketWatch.

August 2011

Changes on the Horizon for CDOs in Higher Education
Over half of CDOs report being a member of senior leadership team; survey results indicate role gaining traction at senior level.

Proactive, Responsible Candidates Help Craft a Smooth Search Process
Candidates who honestly evaluate the position, personal fit and prepare for the interview experience a more effective search process.

Industry Expert Guidance on College Admission
Admission/Enrollment Leader Robin Mamlet shares expertise in College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step.

Chief Diversity Officer Role Grows, Transforms in Higher Education
Education practice co-leader Lucy Leske sees great variation in chief diversity officer roles on college and university campuses.

Search Committee an Asset in Attracting Top Talent
A carefully constructed search committee can effectively guide an organization through a CEO transition.

July 2011

Open CEO Spots Put Premium on Experience
Witt/Kieffer President/CEO Chuck Wardell advises executives to stress experience/skills to win top jobs in Wall Street Journal MarketWatch.

Global Industry Leader Joins Witt/Kieffer
Charles (Chuck) W.B. Wardell III is named President and CEO.

May 2011

Meaningful Use Gains Momentum in Health Care IT
Physicians with informatics expertise are in greater demand as technology continues to transform patient care.

Nominate an Up & Comer
Witt/Kieffer proudly joins Modern Healthcare in sponsoring the 2011 Up & Comers awards program.

April 2011

Teamwork Expedites Search Process
Speeding up the search process depends on close teamwork with the client, genuine respect for the candidate and careful scheduling.

Chief Development Role Grows in Health Care
Health care philanthropy is more important than ever, creating the need for highly-skilled development executives in the C-suite.

Multiple Academic Presidencies Become More Common
Complexities in leading higher education institutions lead to multiple presidencies in the academic world.

March 2011

CEOs Face Challenges, Opportunities in New Economy
One-quarter of healthcare CEOs report operating revenues have already returned to pre-recession levels; another quarter expect recovery in 18 months+.

February 2011

Trustee of the Year Winners Announced
Modern Healthcare has announced the 2011 winners of the Trustee of the Year award.

Hillary Ross, J.D. Specializes in IT Search
Hillary Ross, J.D., assumes broader consulting role with Witt/Kieffer IT practice.

January 2011

Leadership Solutions: On-Boarding
The margin for error in the selection and on-boarding of CEOs is shrinking, says Witt/Kieffer president and CEO Jim Gauss.

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